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Crispy potato, corporate buffet



Buffet 1

$44 per person plus GST


- Green chicken curry GF/DF

- Pilaff rice GF/DF/V

- Warm roast carrot and field mushroom salad GF/V

- Asian green salad with hoisin sauce GF/DF/V

- Pumpkin and leak tarts V

- Bread rolls DF/V butter on the side


- Rolled chicken with prosciutto, stuffed with pumpkin and sage GF

- Potato Gratin GF/V

- Pumpkin, feta and caramelised onion tart V

- Slow roasted tomatoes, roasted asparagus, roasted red onion salad with zucchini noodles DF/GF/V

- Roasted carrot, rocket, pumpkin and chai seed salad with honey and lemon dressing GF/V

- Bread rolls DF/V butter on the side


$55 per person plus GST


- Roasted asparagus, capsicum and zucchini salad - GF/DF/V

- Roast beef with mushroom ragus and truffle oil GF/DF

- Barramundi with leek and tomatoes GF/DF

- Spiced cauliflower with almond and rocket salad GF/DF/V

- Rolls V/DF with butter on the side


- Slow cooked salmon with Boi Boudran sauce GF/DF

- Garlic, lemon and thyme roast chicken GF/DF

- Asparagus, slow roasted tomato with basil and parmesan GF/V

- Green bean, feta, chilli, shallot and almond salad GF/V

- Bread rolls DF/V


We can tailor make a menu to suit your event and budget.


Minimum of 10 people and delivery fees apply


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